Thanksgiving Reflection

Even though I am Canadian and celebrated Thanksgiving a few weeks back I am once again reflecting on what I am thankful for.  Of course my family, health and happiness comes to mind first.  Then I reflect on the past five years since starting Speckled Frog Crochet.

I started Speckled Frog Crochet September 2009, with no clear direction or ideas on what to do with the shop I just opened.  I had so much to learn about photo taking, writing up catchy listings, Facebook, blogging, twitter and creating beautiful items for people to buy.

It wasn't long before I had created my Tiny Textures Newsboy Cap and had them listed for sale.  A few weeks after listing I had people starting to contact me wondering where I got the pattern suggesting I should write it up for sale.   Through their encouragement I drafted my first original design and listed it for sale on Etsy, boy was I nervous. Then ding my first sale - how exciting.  From that moment it wasn't long before I was completely addicted to the world of crochet.

More than the sales though, I am so grateful to have found: friends, confidants, encouragers and some truly amazing women through this business.  I am so blessed to have a whole community to turn to on a both personal and professional level.  I consider all my customers the backbone of my business and for this I give thanks.